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About HANS

Hans Jenssen is a UK based technical illustrator with over 30 years experience. Specializing in hand-drawn cutaway illustration, he has drawn and painted the insides of machines, buildings and vehicles ranging from a cutting edge energy saving home to ships and locations from all six Star Wars movies. 

The Star Wars universe is well-suited to Hans’ skills with traditional media. Working on a sheet of paper with ink and paint has become niche but there is still no substitute when it comes to creating the kind of richly textured full-colour illustrations which feature in the best-selling Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections books and many others. Modern digital retouching methods also add a large degree of flexibility to a traditional artwork. 

The combination of artistic flair with a lifelong fascination with engineering and how things work has produced a body of work in publishing and advertising which includes many books, magazine articles and advertisements for clients including Dorling Kindersley, Usborne, P&O Ferries, Lucasfilm, DDB, Untied Technologies Corporation, National Geographic, GQ Magazine, the Canadian Government and many others. 

All the Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections books and the United Technologies advertising campaign featured on this site were co-illustrated by Richard Chasemore with whom Hans collaborated for 15+ years. Their styles meld seamlessly enabling large projects to be turned around in half the time. Hans spent much of 2016 working on a new collaboration with illustrator John Mullaney on an exciting book project revealing the intricate workings of the key ships from the Halo video game published by Egmont Publishing.

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